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Kansas Wesleyan University

Career Services Center

The Kansas Wesleyan University’s Career Services Center is the bridge between YOUR KWU education and YOUR future.

We’re here to help YOU! Our resources connect you with career exploration tools, internships, service-learning experiences, networking tips, graduate school info, and job-search skills—everything you need to realize your career goals.

The Career Services Center’s services are for all Kansas Wesleyan University students and alumni (not just seniors!), and our friendly Student Development Office staff are ready to help. Check in with us early and often, as we are the first ones on campus to hear about internships and job openings that could be perfect for you.

Four-Year Career Development Path

Remember, the Career Center IS NOT just a resource for seniors; KWU is committed to a four-year approach for every student. We take a comprehensive approach to career planning that starts your first semester on campus with the Wesleyan Experience and spans all four years of your time at the university. Career Services FUTURE-FOCUSED PLANNING initiates the moment you step foot on the campus of Kansas Wesleyan University!

One-On-One Career Development

This service is available to KWU undergraduate students, MBA students and alumni needing specific, situational perspective that meets a specific career path need. A career development session might include:

  • KWU Major and Career Path Assistance
  • Resume and Cover Letter Assistance
  • Professional Statement Assistance
  • Reference Check Assistance
  • Interviewing Assistance
  • Networking Assistance
  • Job Shadowing, Internships, and Experiential Service-Learning Assistance
  • Graduate School Preparation Assistance

Individual appointments are tailored to your situation and scheduled to meet the demands of your academic/professional schedule. One-on-one development is provided at the Career Services Center in the Albert Nelson Student Success Center in Memorial Library. Please reach out to set up an appointment with the Director of Career Services, Claudette Humphrey.

Job Shadow, Internship, and Service-Learning Opportunities

Simply put, experience enhances your resume. Employers take many things into consideration when hiring for jobs: academic background, professionalism, experience (including work, internship and volunteer), and demeanor during an interview. In today’s job market, the experience job shadowing, an internship, service-learning opportunity, or previous employment provides is essential for your career goals.  Find out how KWU can enhance your experience level with the help of a local or national job shadow, internship, or service-learning opportunity.

Career Workshops

Various workshops are available throughout the year on career-related topics, such as dining etiquette, interviewing, networking, and resume and cover letter writing. These workshops take place on the campus of KWU or, as collaborative efforts with neighboring colleges and universities who welcome KWU to their campus workshops and events. Individual appointments can also be scheduled to review any of the workshop topics if the schedule of events does not meet your individual timeline. Career Development Workshops may include:

Mock Interviews

Kansas Wesleyan University provides mock interviews and professional critiques to help you become more comfortable in interview situations. Mock interviews are also available by appointment to guide you through the interview process and help you sharpen your skills for a professional interview.



How to Learn About Job, Internship and Volunteer Opportunities

All jobs, internships, and volunteer opportunities are sent to students in the Kansas Wesleyan University Wednesday’s Opportunities for Work (KWU WOW) email newsletter.  The KWU WOW is full of opportunities approved through Kansas Wesleyan University Student Development Office. However, we may not be able to verify the quality, accuracy, or value of all job information communicated to us by other organizations. If you have any questions, concerns, insights, and/or knowledge about any jobs posted please notify Student Development Career Center immediately.

Preferred Employer Program

The KWU preferred employer program (accessible in the KWU WOW) lists employers who have agreed to interview any KWU student who applies. While this is not a guaranteed hire, it does mean the student will be interviewed. In addition, the businesses have agreed to give the KWU student feedback regarding their interview, so the student learns from the experience.

For Employers

If you have a job or internship opportunity you would like to post to students or upcoming KWU graduates through the KWU WOW Newsletter, please email the opportunity details to Claudette Humphrey.  The information needed for posting a job must include:

  • Organization: Name and Location
  • Job Title: Brief Description of the Position
  • Schedule: Number of Hours, Full-time or Part-time
  • Application Contact: The name of the person they can send their application to or website to apply

The KWU WOW is a weekly newsletter, and the job posting information will be sent in the KWU WOW for two weeks, unless other arrangements are made.

For KWU Students

The Kansas Wesleyan University Wednesday’s Opportunities for Work (KWU WOW) newsletter will be sent to your KWU email account every Wednesday.  If you have any questions about applying for any of the opportunities in the KWU WOW, or need help searching for jobs or internships, please contact Claudette Humphrey by email or at (785) 833-4326.


According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), internships are employers’ No. 1 method of recruiting new hires.  Most employers (87.2%) interviewed by NACE said their new hires do have internship experiences.  Nearly 40% of interns are offered full-time jobs upon graduation.  These positions, and many others, are great reasons why KWU students are actively seeking and participating in internship opportunities.

The KWU Career Center is here to help seek out and connect local, national, and inter-national internship opportunities to Kansas Wesleyan University students.  The Career Center regularly emails internship opportunities to students as they become available.  There are also workshops throughout the year on seeking, applying for, and making the most of internship opportunities for advancing your career.   If you have any questions about internships, please stop by the KWU Student Development Office or contact Claudette Humphrey.

In order to help you better protect yourself from fraudulent job postings here are a few things to keep in mind

  • Research the company: Web sites, Better Business Bureau, the United States Federal Trade Commission, the local Chamber of Commerce, ask around to see if others have had any experiences with the company posting the position, etc.
  • Make informed decisions: Most employers will not ask for personal information until you arrive at their offices for an interview and are given a formal job application. So be wary if you are asked to give your Social Security Number by phone, email, or online.
  • Check references: Ask for references if you’re not sure about the company’s legitimacy and check them.
  • Think twice: If it sounds too good to be true, you can be sure it is!
  • Be careful meeting people: The first time you meet someone in-person, take a friend along or meet and stay in public places. Be sure someone knows where you’re going and when to expect you back. Take your cell phone and have a friend call periodically. Take along some form of personal protection.
  • If someone tries to get you into a situation you are not comfortable with, don’t hesitate to refuse, leave or do whatever is necessary to protect yourself. NOTHING THAT ANYONE ELSE DOES CAN OBLIGATE YOU TO COMPROMISE YOUR OWN SAFETY!
  • If you suspect a job posting is fraudulent, please contact Claudette Humphrey by email or by phone: (785) 833-4326.

Graduate School Preparation

Each Fall, the KWU Career Center hosts a week-long series of events that helps prepare students interested in pursuing Graduate School. From GRE, MCAT and LSAT practice tests, engaging with recent KWU alumni in graduate school, to a hosting graduate school fair, these events are tailored to students interested in all kinds of graduate programs.

Deciding on Graduate School

Graduate school offers a specialized study experience in a specific area. At Kansas Wesleyan University, you spent some time gaining knowledge in your chosen major and were introduced to a wide variety of other topics through the liberal arts program. Graduate school further prepares you for your career interest through specialized courses, research and/or internships.

Deciding whether to attend graduate school is a decision that requires some careful consideration. Please contact Student Development to discuss graduate school options and for any assistance in graduate school preparation and applications.

Graduate School Preparation Sites:

The Princeton Review 

For Employers

Kansas Wesleyan University graduates enter the workforce with a degree from one of the best small private colleges in the state. More than that, their comprehensive education has given them real-world experiences that will make productive and valuable members of your team—right from the start. Our full-service Career Center can assist with all your recruiting needs. From internships to career opportunities, put Kansas Wesleyan University graduates to work for your business or organization.

On-Campus Interviews

If you are interested in coming to campus and reserving a space to interview KWU students for positions (internships, job opportunities or volunteer opportunities), the Career Center can help make arrangements to set up a meeting space and time, and advertise the opportunities to potential candidates.

We’ll promote your visit to Kansas Wesleyan University, help schedule interviews with candidates to meet your needs, and make you at home in a private interview room. To schedule on-campus interviews, please email Claudette Humphrey or call her at 785- 833-4326.

Etiquette Dinners

The KWU Career Center will coordinate dinners, in partnership with employers, to provide social development skills for students. Students will learn how to network and conduct themselves professionally and participating employers will have a chance to network and meet future candidates. For information to participate in the Etiquette Dinner, please email Claudette Humphrey, or call her at 785-833-4326.

KWU Career Expo Employers may reserve an eight-foot table and space by emailing Claudette Humphrey or calling her at 785-833-4326.

Career Workshops

Workshops are available throughout the year on career-related topics, such as dining etiquette, interviewing, networking, and resume and cover letter writing. Individual appointments can also be scheduled to review any of the workshop topics if the schedule of events does not meet your individual timeline. Career Development Workshops will include:

Fashion Show, Life After Sweatpants

In coordination with area businesses and student models, the KWU Career Center will host a fashion show, to help transition students to the workplace.

Etiquette Dinners

The KWU Career Center will coordinate dinners, in partnership with employers, to provide social development skills for students.

Mock Interviews

The KWU Career Center offers students opportunities to practice interviewing throughout the year. The KWU Student Development staff are also available by appointment to guide you through the interview process, sharpening your skills for a professional interview.

Mock interviews can be tailored to a specific career path.  In order to maximize the benefits of a mock interview,  students are asked to:

  • Visit, call or email the Student Development Office to set up an appointment
  • Describe the type of job or internship they are targeting
  • Provide a current working resume (Don’t have one? The Career Center will provide assistance in developing one.)
  • Make an appointment to interview with a KWU Student Development staff member

Mock Interviews will be conducted as if they are an actual interview. Students will prepare for and dress as they would for an actual job interview. Interviews are scheduled for about one hour with 30 minutes for interviewing and the rest of the time for feedback and questions.

Contact Claudette Humphrey or stop by the Career Services Office in the Albert Nelson Student Success Center in Memoria Library to schedule your mock interview today!

LinkedIn Usage

KWU regularly offers workshops to teach proper LinkedIn etiquette to help enable students to successfully use this important business tool.

Other workshops, including networking opportunities through Salina Area Young Professionals and the Salina Chamber of Commerce’s Business After Hours program, are available.

KWU Teacher Credentials

Kansas Wesleyan University offers the opportunity for Education Majors to have information requested by potential employers all in one place. The KWU Career Center keeps this information on file to be mailed out upon student request (resume and cover letter not included).

Before credential packets will be sent to potential employers, the following items MUST be received in the Student Development, Career Center:

  • List of references: signed, dated and option for release checked
  • At least three recommendations: signed, dated and option to waive/access checked
  • Transcript: before graduation, unofficial
  • Transcript: after graduation, official
  • Teaching certificate copy


Teacher Credential File Checklist
Teacher Credential Letter of Recommendation
Teacher Credential Request 
Teacher Credential Registration Form
Personal Reference List

Additional Information/Instructions to Remember:

  • Transcript requests must be in by 5 p.m. Monday to be processed Tuesday
  • Transcript requests must be in by 5 p.m. Wednesday to be processed Thursday
  • First 10 requests to have credential files mailed are free. A $5.00 fee will be charged for any additional file mailing requests

To request credential files mailed, mail or email the address of employer(s) where credentials are to be sent to:

Kansas Wesleyan University
100 E. Claflin Ave, Box 30
Salina, KS 67401



Interviewing is the last step of the hiring process and the most important. Interviews serve two purposes. For the prospective employer the interview is an opportunity to gather information about a candidate and to assess the “fit” between the candidate and the position. For you – the candidate – the interview is an opportunity to highlight your skills, abilities, personal qualities, and enthusiasm for the position. Additionally, this is also your opportunity to interview the prospective employer and assess if the “fit” is a good one for you.

Interviewing Resources

The difference between a successful interview and an unsuccessful interview often lies simply in your preparation beforehand. Just like most things in life the more you prepare and practice the more likely you are to achieve your desired results. The following are links to documents that will assist you with your preparations:

Ten Interviewing Rules.doc

General Interviewing Guidelines.doc

Create a Good First Impression.doc

Nonverbal Communications.doc

Prep for the Top 10 Interview Questions.doc

What do Employers Look For During an Interview.docx

Do You Have any Questions.doc

Phone Interview.docx

Illegal Interview Questions.doc

Dress for Success.doc

Job Interview Questions for College Seniors.doc

Six Interview Mistakes.doc

Salary Negotiation.docx

Job Offer Negotiation.docx

What Not to Wear.docx